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The Phoenix XNA 3D engine is the rebirth of the FireFly engine. I hated the name so I changed it. The engine (once complete) will allow developers to quickly prototype and develop games built on the XNA framework. Some of the features being developed include the following:
  • Progressive mesh LOD terrain
  • Atmospheric scattering skydome
  • Dynamic input mapping system
  • 2D compositor system
  • Graphical User Interface components
  • Scene management
  • Directional, ambient and point lighting
  • Particle effect system
  • Skinned animation (XNAnimation has been integrated into the engine)

Update 3/12/2010
Now the only thing holding up the scene management system is updating the components to serialize/deserialzie using the new serializer, this should be quick and simple. Then on to the scene manager. A scene editor should evolve out of this as well.

Update 3/11/2010
I have made a bunch of fixes to the input system and added a serializer that will serialize and deserialize objects to/from xml. Next on the agenda is to fix all the stuff i broke and then implement scene management.

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